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Digital Dimmer with Color LCD Display, LSM2 advanced dimming system for ActiveLED light fixtures and ActiveLED drivers.
Jul 11, 2020
ActiveLED was the first lighting company in the world to equip all its LED Drivers and Lighting Devices with a digital dimming system allowing an infinite number of lighting fixtures to be dimmed to exactly the same level, not suffering from 0..10V dimming issues. ActiveLED calls its Digital Dimmer a "LightSpace Manager" or LSM. LSM-2 is ActiveLED's new Color LCD digital dimmer fitting in all common US Wall Boxes that can be used with Decora bezels.

1752 Intelligent Solar Controller with 8 channel LED Driver, Battery Charger and Management System for driverless ActiveLED® light fixtures
Apr 23, 2020
Intelligent ActiveLED® Controller manages the charging of a 52V Battery Pack from a Solar Array (up to 600 Watt input power), maximizing battery life, light output and illumination time. ActiveLED® Intelligent Solar Controller is specifically designed to manage and control an ActiveLED® or compatible driverless LED Light fixtures. It harvests the maximum available solar energy and maximizes the available battery energy to power light fixtures at nighttime. The ActiveLED 1752 Solar Controller can be used with any compatible Solar Panel Array, Battery Pack and light fixture. More...

OL4 Plenum Air Return Series of ActiveLED® Lensed Troffers with HEPA Filter Option
Apr 14, 2020
OL4 Plenum Air Return Series of ActiveLED® Lensed Troffers - Recessed Return Air Ceiling Lights for 2' x 4' & 60cm x 120cm Grids, with replaceable HEPA Filter Option. We added a replaceable HEPA Filter to our popular Return Air Ceiling Light Fixtures which prevent distribution of pollen, micro organisms and viruses in your return air system. More ...

High performance low maintenance Stairway and in-wall perimeter light
Feb 9, 2020
This exceptional brick sized in-wall or in stairway light is designed to be robust, highly energy efficient with an impressive operation temperature range of -58°F to 146°F (-55°C to +60°C)

The new standard in Racquetball and Squash Court Indoor Light Fixtures
Aug 27, 2019
REC Series of ActiveLED® Recreational Lights are integrated fixtures that easily replace conventional high-wattage HID fixtures in Racquetball / Squash / Handball / Indoor Tennis Courts and other indoor activity centers, delivering superior LED performance for improved light quality, uniformity and reduced glare

Cat 5 Hurricane Resistant 900 sq ft Home with ActiveLED Near Net Zero Package
Sep 12, 2018
ActiveLED partnered with SS of NGA in Georgia, to provide LED lighting, State of the Art Batteries, Solar Chargers and DC to 120V AC Inverters for SS NGA's Hurricane Force 5 resistant housing with Near Net Zero carbon footprint. The combination of world leading construction and design allows dwellers to have their essentials covered during and after a storm. The 900 sq ft Cat 5 Near Net Zero home comes in a container with all elements of the building ready to be erected and installed. Also see SS of NGA for 900sq ft home or ActiveLED for lighting , battery, inverter and solar charger products.

New High Mast and Tower Lighting LED Luminaire
Apr 9, 2018
ActiveLED® Continues to Roll Out American Made Innovations with New High Mast and Tower Lighting LED Luminaire High Mast LED Fixture Uses Only 175-Watts to Replace 1200-Watt Legacy Fixtures

High Bay Lighting Lineup Extends to 150 lumen per Watt Fixture Efficacy
Aug 2, 2017

#ActiveLED has highest performing high wattage high bay fixtures with 150lm per Watt fixture efficacy. #Efficacy is the measure that includes any and all losses from the driver as well as all optical losses.

ActiveLED releases the WP2 Series Wall Pack, boasting a new sleek and contemporary design.
Feb 20, 2017
ActiveLED releases the WP2 Series Wall Pack, boasting a new sleek and contemporary design and highest efficacy in its class. The WP2 Series has a whopping 150 lm/watt for the complete fixture with all losses considered. Also new on this device is the 10 year LED and power supply warranty. If supplied with emergency battery backup also the battery carries a 10 year warranty. More...

ActiveLED introduces the HZL1 the newest edition to the C1-D1 Hazardous Location Light family of fixtures.
Jan 16, 2017
ActiveLED introduces the HZL1 the newest Class 1 - Division 1 edition to the Hazardous Location Light family of fixtures. With 11,000 lumens at 73 watts the fixture achieves an efficacy of 150 lm/w at an ambient temperature of 24°C.

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