Ringdale offers solutions across networking, corporate network printing, building access control, Time and Attendance recording and management as well as sophisticated energy monitoring and management solutions. Ringdale's unique ability to combine its expertise
in all these areas means we can address customer and market needs with unsurpassed integration and efficiency.

 Area and PC Access Control Solutions
Systems to help secure buildings, computers and much more.

 FollowMe® Solutions
A roaming (pull-print), secure corporate printing and an accounting solution. Can also be used to stop users from printing black ink documents to color printers.

 Fax Solutions
FaxReceiver™ receives Fax and converts to email, DocuSender™ sends scanned documents to Fax or Email without using a PC.

 Automation and Instrument Solutions
Networked and Stand-Alone Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for Automation, Robotics and Instrumentation Devices.

 ActiveLED®, Renewable Energy and Electrical Power Saving Solutions
State-of-the art, renewable energy and power saving lighting solutions.

 ActiveBMS® and LightSpace®
Building Automation Software, Energy Management Software and Devices.

Case Studies

Read how other organisations have made use of Ringdale's unique solutions.

 Vodafone Egypt
Vodafone Egypt wanted to provide higher levels of security to confidential documents while reducing consumables usage. And FollowMe provided the solution.
 Mitchells & Butlers PLC
Mitchells & Butlers required FollowMe as their solution to be compatible with any Printer or Copier and any door security card system.
 Portman Building Society
When Portman Building Society required a secure, controlled printing environment for approximately 600 users in their headquarters, Ringdale's FollowMe was the obvious choice.
 The Atomic Weapons Establishment
Ringdale’s FollowMe network printing solution provides the optimum security required for a UK defense company’s printing needs. Secure, high level documents are only printed when the user is present at the selected printer, and accounting data allows company-wide printing costs to be monitored.
 HP Success Story - HP and FollowMe
The German organization for managing ship and water traffic needed a secure way of printing sensitive information, without the cost of individual printers for every employee. Local JetCAPS partner stethos provided them with a JetCAPS FollowMe solution that uses a proximity card to release the printout only when the employee is at the network printer.
 Area Access Control: The University of Oxford
The University of Oxford have been sucessfully running Ringdale's Area Access Control systems throught their buildings in Oxford for over 2 years.
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